The Whip – Master Of Ceremonies

The Whip  is an electronic rock band from Manchester, formed in 2006. The band members are Danny Saville, Fiona “Lil Fee” Daniel, Nathan Sudders and Bruce Carter.

The band got its start below a pub in Salford, Manchester. After the demise of their band Nylon Python, Carter and Saville continued honing their sound until they crafted the right amounts of danceable pop, guitars, and electronica (similar to fellow Mancunians New Order). Debut album, X Marks Destination, was released on March 24, 2008. Following the release Danny Saville left the band to become Account Manager at GV Multi-Media.

Their new album Wired Together was released on 26 September and is the culmination of the past six months that the trio has spent in the studio with producer Jagz Kooner.

The Whip @ Facebook, Twitter, Myspace
Source: LastFM, Houston Calling

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