The Invisible – Protection

Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor have been working together as The Invisible for the last six years, though their musical collaborations stretch back much further. The trio met as teenagers, and, over a decade or so, they crossed over again and again, gigging, jamming, working as session players and supporting each other’s band projects.

It was only in 2006 that they coalesced as The Invisible. After a year out on the road playing in Matthew Herbert’s band, Herbert said he wanted to produce and release (via his label, Accidental) Dave’s solo record. But Dave instead decided to recruit his longtime friends for a genuine collaboration. The Invisible’s name arrived after the three began writing. The moniker is a nod to the writing of Irish philosopher and poet John O’Donohue, whose simply articulated notion that humans exist in parallel worlds – the visible and the invisible; one physical, one spiritual – is a relationship, a balance, that comes through loud and clear in the band’s aesthetic.

Protection is the first song to be taken from their second album Rispah, released on 11 June.

The Invisible @ Soundcloud, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter
Source: Ninja Tune

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