Villagers – Courage


Villagers are an Irish band composed of Conor O’Brien, Tommy McLaughlin, James Byrne, Danny Snow and Cormac Curran.

The band, a solo vehicle for O’Brien (The Immediate), specializes in atmospheric, indie folk/chamber pop that balances the youthful exuberance of contemporaries Jens LekmanEugene McGuinness and Johnny Flynn with the classic rock and pop of artists like Paul Simon and Robert Wyatt.

Courage is taken from the forthcoming album Darling Arithmetic, out on April 13.

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Brightly – Keep Me Close


Brightly was formed by Charlie Gleason, a programmer and computer science dropout, in his bedroom. Threading together folk, electronica, and surreptitious recordings of children screaming in airplanes, he began to construct what would become the debut album Beginnings & Endings.

Nicholas Lam and Joshua Barber joined in 2012 and after touring relentlessly throughout 2013, they released The Greylings EP, a collection of stripped back and decidedly unelectronic tracks.

Keep Me Close is the second single from their forthcoming album Oh, Infinity.

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Scott Matthews – Sunlight


From the confinements of four bedroom walls in the West Midlands, Scott Matthews produced the music that made him the first artist to be signed to record label San Remo Records in 2004.

At seven years old Matthews acquired his first guitar, a junior-sized ‘Kapok’ acoustic. It became neglected very early on as the box it came in was shaped like a coffin and therefore scared the hell out of him. For a brief period he moved on to drums, but soon hit his last snare due to the noise factor in the house becoming increasingly unbearable.

It all changed when on his eleventh birthday he asked for an electric guitar. His dad duly obliged and brought him a £25 ‘Kay’ guitar complete with a bunch of old records acquired from a relative. Amongst those records was Smash Hits by Jimi Hendrix. This rekindled Matthew’s interest in music and he has been playing ever since.

Matthews’ inspiration has been drawn from iconic musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Marc Bolan and Joe Satriani.

Sunlight is taken from the album Home Part 1.

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Low Roar – Dreamer

low roar

Low Roar’s dreamy folk finds beauty in the somber side of life. Formerly the frontman of Oakland, California alt-rockers Audrye Sessions, Ryan Joseph Karazija began Low Roar as a response to the change and loneliness he felt in the wake of moving to Reykjavík, Iceland.

He chronicled the challenges of acclimating to a foreign land, finding work, and supporting his family by writing a song each day, the results of which appeared in November 2011 on Low Roar’s self-titled debut record.

Dreamer is taken from the second album 0.

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Death Has No Dominion – Coming Like A Hurricane


Danish duo Death Has No Dominion (a Dylan Thomas paraphrase) is the musical partnership between Rasmus Bak and Bjarke Niemann, two friends who have known one another for years and finally began writing songs together.

In the fall of 2013, Bak and Niemann got an opportunity to spend time in what was once Willem Dafoe’s house in upstate New York. The black house, made of rubber, was a creative force field for the partnership, and they wrote an entire album, which was later recorded in Copenhagen.

Coming Like A Hurricane is taken from their self-titled album.

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Source: Paste Magazine, Style