Junip – Walking Lightly

Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie rock outfit Junip was formed in late 90’s by singer-songwriter Jose Gonzalez. The trio, which consists of Gonzalez on guitar and vocals, drummer Elias Araya and keyboard player Tobia Winterkorn, crafts dark, moody, indie folk in the vein of their founder.

Junip released its debut 7-inch in 2000 on their own Kakafoni imprint. Araya then spent nearly five years studying art in Norway and Finland, while Winterkorn worked as a teacher and Gonzalez launched a successful solo career. The trio regrouped for the Black Refuge EP in 2006 and began writing and recording in earnest after Gonzalez finished promoting his album In Our Nature in 2007. The full-length result, Fields, arrived in 2010 on Mute Records.

Walking Lightly is taken from the new Walking Lightly EP, out digitally 16 September.

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Night Beds – Ramona

Winston Yellen is the creative mastermind behind Night Beds, a loose Nashville-based collective that specializes in impressionistic and folk-centric alt-pop that, as the name would suggest, has a dreamily surreal quality.

Night Beds conjures up songs blessed with the magical and mystical, Yellen’s voice a wonder of tender tenor-to-falsetto choir boy out amongst the wide open stretches of spacious Americana, a chameleon-like performer who taps into the ethereal netherworlds of Jeff Buckley and Gram Parsons while forging his own distinctive sound.

Ramona is taken from the the album Country Sleep.

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Ivan & Alyosha – Be Your Man

Although based in Seattle, Ivan & Alyosha create a sound that’s distinctly Californian, with acoustic instrumentation and bright vocal harmonies that evoke the West Coast’s summery, Southern locales.

The band formed in 2007, when solo songwriter Tim Wilson met Ryan Carbary. Taking their name from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, the two began playing together, eventually traveling to Los Angeles to record a folk-pop EP with producer Eli Thompson. The Verse, The Chorus was released in early 2009, paving the way for a healthy tour and a decent amount of national buzz.

Things picked up again in early 2011, when the band — now a four-piece featuring Wilson’s brother, Pete Wilson, as well as Tim Kin — released the sophomore EP Fathers Be Kind and launched another tour.

Be Your Man is taken from their first full-length album, All the Times We Had.

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Still Parade – Actors

There is not much known about Still Parade. According to the band “Still Parade is not about a place or a person. It’s an inner state of mind, it’s about letting go and being alone with your thoughts.”

Debut single Actors is the first track from their upcoming debut album that has been nearly three years in the making.

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Loved Ones – Paper Crown

Loved Ones (note absence of ‘the’ definite article and are not to be confused with punk US or 60s Oz outfits) is a quintet comprising of Wirralites Nik Glover, Richard Hurst, Jay Freeman and honorary Merseysider Ben Shooter.

Early shows with Liars and Django Django marked the band as ones to watch in a developing Merseyside scene, reflected by the award of a new local music prize, the Get Into This Award, dubbed by the national press as the ‘Scouse Mercury Prize’.

Paper Crown is the next single to be taken from their forthcoming debut long player The Merry Monarch.

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